If you want to enhance your scrapbook, you need to look at scrapbooking embellishments.

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Adding various scrap booking embellishments to your project gives it more pizzazz. It makes your scrapbook so more fun to look through. So the time has come to take your scrap booking to the next level.

So far, in other audio articles you learned how to design your own layout and how to take better pictures. What else can you do? You can embellish your pages with a variety of products to give your scrapbook a look that is spectacular. Embellishments add color, depth and creativity to your pages.

On this audio you will learn:

* What are the most popular and abundant kind of scrapbooking embellishments? How can you make your own?

* What are die cuts and how should they be used?

* Which embellishments can be difficult to attach to the paper?

There are so many embellishments available from so many sources, you can really be creative here. You can even make your own. The most important objective is to have fun with it.

Finally, we thought it would be wise to caution you that when adding embellishments to your scrapbook, it's a good idea to keep an eye on your budget. Adding embellishments is fun, but it's not hard to let this get out of hand.

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