Closing Skills To Become A Better Salesperson.

Both you and I know that if you're not closing, you're not making any money. The problem is that most sales people don't know how to seal the deal.

Did you know that 4% of salespeople make 60% of all sales? Why do only 4% make so many of the sales? Because they ask for the sale more than six times.

But let's back a bit. Before you can close you need to establish yourself as a problem solver to the prospect's problems. You need to ask questions first to find out the problem. Then you need to ask questions to help the customer discover how your product solves their problem.

The number one reason people don't buy is that they don't trust you. It's probably not that they think you're an out-and-out liar. They might have some sub-conscious thing going on about salespeople. They may have heard something that just doesn't gel.

They bottom line is that you can't close until you have established sufficient value in the client's mind. Don't do it too early. If you do, the client won't buy. You know how it is on the buying side. If you don't see the value, no matter how persuasive the salesperson, you're not going to buy.

So Zig Ziglar, one of the world's leading success coaches says that you must "Start with your most valuable point". This is the biggest selling point for the client. Show how your product can solve the prospects most pressing problem.

Once you've started with your most valuable point, you can start adding trial closes: How do you feel about what you've heard so far? Are you interested in saving money? When would you like to start saving money? These types of questions will help you get inside the mind of the customer and help you understand what kinds of questions you need to address.

Ziglar also says, "When the client says no they are not going to change their minds. They make new decisions based on new information." What does this mean? It means that when the customer says "No", it's because they don't have enough information to say yes. You must provide them with that additional information so that they can say yes.

Your persistence will pay off. First you must really, truly believe in the product you are selling. Does it really provide the solution you are trying to sell? Master sales skills and you will join the top 4% of salespeople who are selling 60% of the sales. Zig Ziglar and others have many fine sales training programs to help you hone your selling skills.

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