Picking The Right Black Labrador For You.

When it comes to choosing a puppy the Black Labrador is one of the cutest.When trying to select which type or breed of dog is best for you and your family, it is important to really take some time and try to learn as much about the different breeds as possible.

This will help make sure that you are picking the right breed for your family and for your lifestyle. After a lot of consideration, a lot of people find themselves wanting to look at Black Labradors, as out of all of the Labrador types this seems to be a popular choice.

As it is, this breed of dog is one of the most popular dogs being used by police and other types of government bodies.

These dogs serve as wonderful detectives and have a high working ability and never give up easily.

These dogs are not only great for work but also for families as they are very gentle, intelligent, and they have a wonderful good nature about them. But, this breed must be trained on the basics of housebreaking because if left undone, they can become very boisterous.There is a lot to love when it comes to Black Labradors and that is not just referring to how smart they are.

These dogs are anything but your typical lap dogs, as they will grow to become very large.

The females weigh in as the smallest but they are still anywhere from fifty five to seventy pounds. The males, the larger of the two, end up being somewhere between sixty-five and eighty pounds.

Their look is distinctive with their straight tail being able to give a nice strong slap it if you get too close to it. Their short hair is very smooth and it almost seems to be waterproof when going for a quick swim. It is also said that their strong and straight tail acts as a perfect rudder as when they swim, the tail helps them change direction. This breed is certainly one that is recommended by many people for their looks and personality.

Another thing that makes Black Labradors so incredible to have as a pet in the home is that this breed is known for their excellent temperament. They are not very territorial, aggressive, insecure or destructive, as some other breeds of dogs are.

They are not territorial at all and they are hardly ever very aggressive. But they do like to chew so watch out for your things around the house because before you know it, it will be chewed up. Do not worry though, as proper training can fix the chewing habit in no time at all.

And in case having a great deal of independence is important to you, know that the females are more self-sufficient then the males. And you need to keep in mind that this breed does not reach full maturity until about three years of age, which means you will have three years of nonstop puppy action.

Also, this breed loves to eat and it often seems like they cannot get enough food but be careful, as they will eat nonstop if you let them. This can lead to a lot of health problems so watch out for this.


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