Want A Brighter Smile?
Try These Tips For Cheap Teeth Whitening

Cheap Teeth Whitening: An Attractive Smile At An Attractive Price
by Tim Croy

Perfect smiles with bright white teeth are greatly desired by most people. In fact, it seems that people with the best smiles get the best jobs, have the most friends, and are the most successful. Whether or not that is really true, having an attractive smile greatly boosts a person's self-esteem and confidence.

Is that bright smile really worth thousands of dollars? Cosmetic dentists charge up to two thousand dollars for a single one-hour whitening session. Just how much should a person be expected to invest in his or her smile, really?

What about those people who cannot afford to spend huge sums of money to make their teeth Is cheap teeth whitening really a reasonable possibility?

The answer is yes. Many low-cost measures can be taken to make teeth brighter and whiter.

  • The first, and least expensive, way to whiter teeth is brushing. Some people opt to use pure baking soda. A box of baking soda costs less than a dollar, and will last for many months if used solely for brushing one's teeth. Using this compound for brushing can lighten the teeth by several shades with continuous use.
  • Ultrabrite Advanced Whitening toothpaste is another low-cost way to brush your teeth and whiten them. A tube of this paste costs under a dollar. Moreover, it was listed by Consumer Reports as being one of the most effective ways to whiten teeth by brushing.
  • Another product that offers good whitening results at low cost is regular strength (or 3%) hydrogen peroxide. Using this method once or twice a day helps to remove many of the surface stains that discolor one's teeth. This solution is also available for under a dollar at local pharmacies, and a bottle will last for several months.
  • Using whitening strips is another way to whiten teeth and keep the cost down. In comparison to bleaching gels, these costs very little. They also achieve similar results over about the same time period. More expensive than the previously discussed methods, these run about $25 for a 14-day supply. Sometimes, coupons are available to make the price a little more attractive. Alternatively, some people prefer the liquid gel that can be painted on the teeth and left on overnight. This product is available in 8 ounce containers, usually for less than $10. This product can be very effective as long as the gel is allowed to dry completely on the teeth.
  • Whether people opt for these choices or locate other unique low-cost whitening methods, it is helpful to remember that these methods can be nearly as effective as paying for the cost of cosmetic dental treatments. After researching the available products, select one that will work best for your lifestyle and achieves the results you want.


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