Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Benefits Of The Technology World

by JD Theis

When the internet became a household name, businesses rejoiced. Suddenly they had a way to have instant access to their clients. A retail company can now put up a website offering their wares and know that they'll have plenty of people logging on and making orders, which not only makes the company happy, but keeps the mail service in business.

Companies were also able to take advantage of the internet in order to keep in touch with their current, and possible, investors and business partners. The geniuses at Microsoft quickly came up with a way to help businesses keep in contact with each other. A short time ago they made their product even better by introducing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

What's Microsoft Exchange Server?Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is a way to allow your business to keep moving smoothly. Much like a factory that mass produces products by moving then along a conveyer belt, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 keeps your business flowing efficiently. All of your data becomes instantly accessible to any member of your team and the contact information can be shared as well. There are many interesting and valuable functions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Let's go through a few of them!

Antivirus and Anti-spamOne of the biggest problems in companies that are receiving a lot of e-mail every day is the threat of viruses and the annoyance of spam. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 has a block-and-allow list based on the sender reputation, which allows you to block whomever you'd like with a quick click of the mouse. It can filter content and will also provide the nicety of stamping e-mails that you send out so that your contacts will know that your e-mail provides no virus, thereby allowing it to pass through spam and virus filters as well.

Access at All TimesOne of the biggest selling points of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 is the ability it gives businesses to keep in touch at all times. Take, for instance, the scheduling assistant. Instead of posting schedules up on a white board that your employees may, or may not, glance at, you can post all of the important scheduled events on the easily accessible calendar, which will allow your employees access to all of the significant events that are going on in the next month or so.

Another plus is the ability that Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 gives for sharing contacts. If you've got an employee out in the field that needs to send an e-mail using their laptop or BlackBerry, it can be a severe waste of time to contact the office through phone or e-mail in order to get the contact information for a specific client. Instead, employees can use Microsoft Exchange server 2007 to access the contact information directly, thereby saving both time and frustration. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 has made owning and running a successful business a lot easier in this digital age.

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