5 Easy Ways to Motivate Students

How to motivate students for them to achieve their potential is high priority for our education system.Motivation in school is something most kids struggle with but if students, parents, and teachers cooperate with each other, studying won't be such a hardship.

The Importance of Positive Feedback To Motivate Students

Believe it or not but there are teachers and parents indeed who have difficulty saying simple words like "good job" and "congratulations". They may be merely words, but never underestimate its impact on a child's morale. Knowing that their hard work, no matter how small, is appreciated always motivates a child to do better next time.

The Right Time, Place, and Reason for Studying

Kids can be more motivated by studying if they know and understand the importance of studying. You need to speak their language so that they'll appreciate your efforts in making them study hard. If you want them to study, the best way to do that is to make them want the same thing as well.

The right environment is also crucial for motivating students. Having their own study table in their bedroom is good, but a bed in proximity could make them feel more impatient? If possible, have them study in your library, office, or a place where there are no possible distractions.

Students won't be motivated if your demands are too excessive. Be reasonable with your expectations. Don't expect them to devote all their free time to studying. Having them do so isn't healthy anyway. Choose the appropriate schedule and amount of time for their studies and your child will be more motivated to do what you want.

To Motivate Students Help Them Develop Goals

Simply asking them to "study harder" won"t be enough. Giving them a routine for studying at home is a good start, but it"s not enough. People of all ages are more motivated when they have actual goals to focus on.

A good goal is SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

General goals are difficult to achieve because they ask too much. Goals are more motivating if they state exactly what you should be after. Goals must also be measurable; if not, how can you know when you've achieved your goal? For students, goals are usually measured by their grades or certain academic or interscholastic achievements like being voted class president or winning a championship.

Goals must be realistic in the sense that they're something a person can actually do. Goals must also be attainable. Given the circumstances and resources of a student, is the goal still achievable?

Lastly, goals must be time-bound as time can also be a source of motivation. With a deadline to meet, your child will be motivated to work hard early and diligently.

Rewards and Repercussions To Motivate Students

No person is too old for rewards. It's just a matter of choosing the right reward to motivate them. You%u2019ll have to speak with your child to know what kind of reward they'll be most motivated with. But there must be repercussions at the same time for additional motivation.

Repercussions, however, must be minor in comparison; you don't want to motivate your child by fear and coercion, do you?

Motivate by Example

Last but not the least, be a role model to your child. You may not have the same goals, but whatever methods you apply to reach your goal can be something your child could adapt for his own goals.

Do all these and your child will be properly motivated in school!

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