Hobbies are a great way to help your child learn about life, develop their skills and raise their self-esteem.

Here's a fun way to help your child - have a hobby you enjoy. I know, I know. This article is about your children. So why do we start by talking about you having a hobby? We do this because children learn mostly by watching what their parents do. If you have a hobby, there's a better chance your child will have a hobby and there are many benefits to a child having a hobby.

Jim Rohn
says that children can do remarkable things, but only if they have remarkable things to do. If they don't have remarkable things to do, there's no telling what a child will do.

When a child has a hobby, they learn to express themselves which gives them a chance to experience self-esteem. As they get better developing their hobby, they naturally feel a sense of pride.

There can be educational benefits as well. Let's say a child enjoys collecting rocks. It gives them opportunities to learn a particular science - geology. Or perhaps a child enjoys writing short stories. They are learning grammar, developing their imagination, and learning how to organize their thoughts.

Having a hobby will help your child naturally learn to set goals. They will want their hobby to expand and grow. They will learn in a far easier way how to solve problems which will help them in other parts of their life. And they will learn how to make decisions. Actually that too will come more naturally than it will for a child without a hobby. And the really great thing about a child having a hobby, is the possibility the child will later in life turn their hobby into a career. There are few things as wonderful in life as having a career you really enjoy.

To help your child develop their hobby, you might set aside a particular part of the house specifically designated for their hobby. With some hobbies, there can be a mess, so you have to take that into consideration.

Another great thing about a child and a hobby, is the opportunity it provides for spending time with your child. It's a great way to develop your relationship as you will find times to encourage your child's enthusiasm, give them guidance, and help them learn more about themselves.

By spending time with your child in their hobby, you will have a chance to help your child develop good work habits, set goals, and learn how to plan and organize their time and efforts. There will be times when things don't go just as expected which will provide an opportunity to show the child that anything worthwhile requires time and effort and will have moments of discouragement. That's life and your child will learn this very important skill.

You will find times where the child wants to do something in a less than appropriate manner. That gives you a chance to teach them to take personal responsibility for what they do. So many children today never learn to take personal responsibility. They take short cuts and at times blame others for things not working out the way they wanted. Again, you'll have the chance to help your child learn about life in a simple way some parents just don't have.

Through a hobby, a child can learn the importance of using tools to make life easier. They can learn to take care of their tools and to keep their work area neat and orderly. It's so easy for children to let things slide. Don't let that happen with your child.

So many children today spend their time watching TV and playing video games. In moderation that's all right. But so many children spend an inordinate amount of time in these activities. I read once that by the time a child is 15 years old, they have spent more time in front of a television than in a classroom. And how much of the television time is spent watching something worthwhile. Entertainment is good, but not to excess.

Thanks to a hobby, a child will naturally spend less time watching television and playing video games. At www.everyday-wisdom.com , we believe that is a good thing.

Here's the bottom line - If you help your child find a hobby they truly enjoy, it can be one of the best things you can do to prepare them for life. That is a parent's primary function. So... if your child doesn't have a hobby, now is a good time to find one.


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