Twelve Sales Copy Approaches To Spice Up Your Online Sales

Here are a dozen sales copy approaches for more effective online sales results. See how they work for you.

1. The "What Vacation?" Approach
The "it was so good I spent most of my vacation (reading, hearing, watching, using) it..." Approach tells future customers that someone else's information product you are promoting is so good that you would cut out your fun time for it. You could even mention that your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or friends were mad at you for doing that. Other fun times people have are parties, holiday celebrations, etc. 2. The "Cheap Event" Approach
The "bonus: a (no.)% discount on any event I hold in the next (no.) years..." Approach tells future customers that if they purchase your product, they will get a discount on all of your events in the future. It could be a seminar, boot camp, workshop, trade show, etc. People know that these events can be expensive so they will see the value.

3. The "No Affiliate Discount" Approach
The "don't sign up to my affiliate program if you're trying to buy with your own link..." Approach tells future customers they can't just join your affiliate program to get a discount on purchasing your product. You can mention that you check all orders manually. If you want to motivate them to promote your product, you can tell them they can order through their own affiliate link if they first make three affiliate sales.

4. The "Tick Tock" Approach
The "the clock is ticking, every (minute/hour/day) that goes by (a negative effect)..." Approach tells future customers that the longer they wait to use your product, the worse their problem will get. People will actually picture their problem getting worse and worse in their mind. For example, Every day that goes by you could be gaining another pound.

5. The "Exaggeration" Approach
The "I don't want your money if my product doesn't..." This sales copy approach tells future customers that you will refund their money if your product doesn't do something that is highly exaggerated. For example, I don't want your money if my product doesn't make you so excited that you jump 20 feet in the air. Exaggerations will gain people's attention and entertain them. Plus most people know that you aren't guaranteeing your product will do something that is impossible or unbelievable.

6. The "Proof Of Receipt" Approach
The "these are real customers and we have screen shots of their receipts to prove it..." Approach tells future customers you are proving to them that the people in your testimonials are not made up people. You just want to get their permission to use the receipts or other types of proof. You can black out highly personal stuff to help protect their privacy.

7. The "Don't Buy Today" Approach
The "it's okay if you don't buy today, you can come back tomorrow..." This sales copy approach tells future customers that your web site will still be here tomorrow but you can mention the price might be higher or the bonuses may be removed. People will know they will be taking a chance if they wait too long to order.

8. The "Busy Forum" Approach
The "see the screen shots of our free forum and all the discussions..." This sales copy approach tells future customers that you are offering access to your forum as a bonus and it isn't dead like most. Many businesses will throw up a forum really quickly to use as a bonus and they will only have 2 to 3 postings. Maybe people might have had experiences of those types of customer-only forums and were very disappointed. Overall, it will increase the perceived value of your forum bonus.

9. The "Almost 100%" Approach
The "make 99% commissions per sale..." This sales copy approach tells future customers that if they join your affiliate program, it will almost be like they are getting the resell rights to your product without all the work. All they will need is a link and you could make money with a one-time offer or upsell. You could even charge a monthly or yearly fee to be eligible for those high commissions.

10. The "Expired Agreement" Approach
The "my confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement expired..." Approach tells future customers that you will tell them all about a certain aspect of your competition's business or your own that has remained a secret if they purchase your product. People like to learn about things that have been closely guarded from the general public.

11. The "Less Effective" Approach
The "I'm sure you'll agree with me that the effectiveness of (topic/competition's product) has dropped..." This sales copy approach tells future customers that they have likely noticed it's harder to get their desired benefit with older products. You need to tell them that you have improve your product or created a new product to take care of this problem.

12. The "I Worked There" Approach
The "I used to work for (your competition's business name) and they (negative statement)..." This sales copy approach tells future customers that you used to work for the competition before producing your own product or got a testimonial from one of your competition's former employees. They could say something about how your product is better, how your competitor's product is worse, etc.

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